Median Age of Home Buyers: 2001 – 2010

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  1. Great info — important information for home sellers to know this demographic info.

  2. This is important for Realtors like myself to know, and who to target!

  3. It is always to get such authoritative information from this website and other publications the NAR puts out for the public and Realtors. Using this information to keep our communities informed can only enhance the Realtor presence and make our jobs easier since the consumer needs to understand we are there to serve them in the sale, rental or purchase of a property.

    I use this information quite often and continue to be proud to be a member of the Realtor family because I know my dues go towards gathering information that will help the public and not just self-serving to the realtor community.

    As a provider of FSBO services I can help them become better servicers to the community in the part they play in keeping real estate on track as being the American dream.

  4. Love the Information. Thanks for the post!