State by State Estimate of Shadow Inventory

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  1. Great info/article!

  2. Great Information. 9 Months Shadow Inventory in Arizona and 60,000 homes there is quite a future of great deals!

  3. Very good article. I have thought about why the plaintiffs in foreclosure cases have eased up a bit, and are gradually releasing their shadow inventories. If they were more aggressive in their foreclosures and had to unload too much of their REO inventory at once, values would further erode…leading to even more foreclosures and economic turmoil.

    Prudent and gradual release of REOs into the market is better for everybody.

  4. thanks for sharing. great info.

  5. Great article. Well done. There always questions of how much shadow inventory is really out there.

  6. good article, now if we can only resolve the MARS issue with short sales to start working on that issue

  7. Roger

    Since this is an NAR report, I think we can assume that whatever conclusions can be drawn from it are too optimistic.

  8. Peter

    What happened in FL and CA that produced such high numbers? Who are these people? What are the demographic populations of the people who were foreclosed upon?

  9. Ah!!! at last I found what I was looking for. Sometimes it takes so much effort to find even tiny useful piece of information.

  10. REO Broker

    Someone may want to talk to Bank of America. Word is that they alone have 12 million in their shadow inventory and have 2.5 million becoming delinquent just in the last 90 days.