Profile of Home Buyers in the Pacific Region


  • The median household income for Pacific homebuyers in 2009 was $78,400.
  • Over half of all buyers in Pacific region were first-time home buyers.
  • 82 percent of buyers in Pacific region purchased their home through an agent.
  • 86 percent of recent buyers in the region purchased an existing home.
  • For more information, detailed interactive maps, and downloadable PowerPoint presentations on home buyers by region, go here:
  1. I had to look at the date of this post to be sure I was reading a new release from NAR. The date says march 2011 but this report is for 2009??? I think someone attached a wrong report, should be 2010…..2009 is way too old information.

  2. Sophia Stuart, Marketing Associate

    Deborah, The survey covers home buyers who purchased a home from July of 2009 to June of 2010. The survey is conducted in the summer of 2010. NAR collects household income data from 2009 to have a comprehensive year end income. The report is released annually in the Fall. The 2011 Profile will be released at Annual this year.

  3. So you will not have a 2010 Profile. The one is above is 2009 and you just stated the 2011 will be released at annual. That just doesn’t make much sense…you are skipping a year??? I don;t think that’s what you intended…

  4. Sophia Stuart, Marketing Associate

    Deborah, The 2011 Profile will contain 2010 data. The 2010 Profile you see above contains 2009 data. If you need more clarification feel free to send me an email Thank you.