Immigrants Are Future Home Buyers: Countries of Origin (2011)

The United States attracts about 1 million immigrants (permanent residents) coming annually for family, work, and security or political reasons. In 2011, the top countries of origination were Mexico (143,446), People’s Republic of China (87,016), India (69,013), the Philippines, (57,011) and the Dominican Republic (46,109). Over time, these immigrants achieve the American dream of having higher incomes and homeownership.  The homeownership rate for naturalized citizens was 66.3 percent, and 34.2 percent overall for immigrants.

What this Means for REALTORS®:

Immigrants have a huge potential to become future homeowners. REALTORS® can seize the opportunity by initiating and expanding interaction with the immigrant community, learning about customs, interests, and housing preferences.  More information is available at, and