Unemployment Insurance Claims, GDP

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  1. I continue to be astounded that no one sees what is happening. Yes prices have increased in almost all markets but why? Could it be that BofA and most other large banks are selling REO’s directly to large hedge funds in REO to rent programs designed to remove inventory from consumers looking for homes. Could it be the Fannie Mae REO to RENT programs which recently sold over 1300 homes direct to Colony Capital (210 in Las Vegas alone) which have to become rentals for a minimum of 5 years. Could it be the NSP (Neighborhood Stabalization Program) which has never helped stabalize a neighborhood but only helps large investors buy and flip homes at a hugh discount directly from the banks and Fannie, using our money by the way. The whole sale slaughter of the home owner and home buyer is borderline corruption and it continues today. Why is NAR not addressing these issues.