Residential Purchases by Foreign Buyers by State

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  1. Thank you for all the great Info Mike Trujillo Realtor at Dynamic Team Realty

  2. Great Info, is there an RSS feed for International Buyer/Seller stats for US and Florida Market?

  3. T.J. Doyle, Marketing & Communications Manager

    Yvonne, I would go check out this page:

  4. We’ve seen an increase again this year, with the addition of some Asian buyers to the Canadians and those from the U.K.

  5. How about information about Canadians and where the purchase as one of the largest investor groups.
    I think it is important to think of how we can best make this source of buyers work not only for us but for the communities they are moving in to.
    The connections with place they will find as a starting place to make friends and Business connections will help both the Buyers and the neighbors they are starting to meet.