2013 Member Profile: Age of Members

  • The median age of REALTORS® continued its climb since 2007, and is now 57-years-old. In past years, median age hovered around 52.
  • The incremental increase in age may be attributed to professionals staying in real estate longer and putting off retirement.
  • Forty-one percent of REALTORS® are more than 60 years old, while only 2 percent are under 30 years old.
  • Those who function as brokers and managers without selling tend to be the oldest.
  • For more information on the 2013 Member Profile, visit http://www.realtor.org/reports/member-profile

Jessica Lautz, Managing Director, Survey Research and Communications

Jessica Lautz is the Managing Director of Survey Research and Communications. Jessica analyzes data and writes annual studies such as the Member Profile, the Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers, and the Commercial Member Profile.

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  1. There is a reason and problem why younger agents are not getting into the business…
    Only 2% are under 30 years of age… There is not enough training on how to start and run an effective real estate business… the training is not up to par with what is actually happening today in real estate… many of the brokers and trainers are not giving agents a clear plan to run an effective marketing business.. and the older and seasoned agents are staying in the business longer to make up lost income they have when the market went through its major shift. Brokers make it very easy for real estate agents to stay in the business longer… http://www.cnyagent.com

  2. Chris Lagarde

    I disagree bob… Keller Williams has a ton of support and my business proves it. I started in the biz 7 years ago at the age of 28. Today I have one of the top teams in my area and it is due in large part to keller Williams and the education, training and coaching the company offers.

  3. This will change…. tech is the great equalizer. In addition, young people don’t want “jobs”. Nor do they want to live the same lifestyle that their parents did. I think that you will see more an more small start-ups, independent contractors and consulting companies sprout up over the next 10 years.