State and Metro Employment Conditions

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  1. Employment and unemployment numbers may not be really accurate because there are millions of people who can’t find a job or they do not have the required skills.Where is the count of people that are no longer in the unemployment lines or no longer receive unemployemnt checks.?

  2. T.J. Doyle, Marketing & Communications Manager

    Louis, the entire December jobs report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics can be found here:

  3. Shirley Tuttle

    We need to get Corporations to come to Minnesota as well as other state’s. The U.S. needs to lower the Corporate Tax to get these Big Corporate companies to return back to the U.S. We have way to much welfare and that only greats jobs for bigger Government, sadly to say; the Government really does not support itself, as it should. Small companies are the vast majority of the U.S., It is unfortunate that laws have changed so drastically that it is effecting small business and self employed people who ask nothing of others to supply there needs, to hang by a thread. I think many leaders in this country are making terrible decisions, I question there motives at this point.