Whither the Weather

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  1. The weather definitely played a factor in slips in contract signings/offers being present to sellers, people don’t even want to leave their homes with all of the blizzards that have occurred in Chicago this year.

  2. Faye Bailey

    Very informative article. Enjoyed the read!

  3. I find it absolutely absurd that an agent–supposedly acting within the best interests of their client–would refuse to show a house or present an offer due to weather conditions. It seems as if the market needs younger, more “hungry” salespersons/brokers that are willing to do whatever it takes. I’ve even heard of buyers losing opportunities on investment properties because their agent was leary of leaving their home due to cold temperatures or snow. Absurd. I would gladly represent those clients that have suffered such setbacks on behalf of their agents. Born and raised in WI, never could I foresee any amount of snow or any temperature too low, that would significantly impact my ability to close on a deal.

  4. Just another reason why I love living in Tampa! I think we’ve endured a whole 6 or 7 days of winter this year… and by winter, I mean it dipped below 50 degrees. 🙂