Why we don’t read about skyrocketing home sales every March

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  1. Here is a TIP

    Chart this

    – Mortgage Purchase Applications
    – Median Incomes
    -Labor Participation rate
    – Fed balance Sheet

    Housing has been soft this entire cycle you just chose to not read the internal data as always the NAR does

    5 more weeks you have for mortgage purchase applications to start picking up or I advise the NAR to reduce total sales for 2014


    On another note when the NAR was boasting about demand and only worried about inventory.. My article to counter your thesis was correct .. it was housing inflation on both fronts that you should have been worried … math is math… the rest is storytelling. Your models are out dated like that horrific affordability index you still use.

    Time Stamp May 7, 2013 … Don’t ever say I didn’t tell you so!