60 Percent of First-time Buyers Put Down 6% or Less

About 60 percent of first time home buyers put down 6 percent or less, according to the March REALTORS® Confidence Index. This is down from about 74 percent in 2009. Under tight underwriting standards, REALTORS® have reported that buyers who pay cash or put down large down payments generally win against those offering lower down payments. REALTORS® also reported that in some cases financing is approved for a lower amount. For buyers with sufficient financial resources, a higher down payment also results in saving on mortgage insurance premium payments.


  1. And this is how it should be NOW! Wages have stagnated since 2009. We are coming out of a deep economic decline. Those with money have most of the advantages. Let’s level the playing field!

    If I have first and last months rent, plus security, and can afford the rent, then I should be qualified to buy! Why am I allowed to pay someone else’s costs plus profit, but am not allowed to pay my own?! This is not equitable.

    I own rental property, but I give every renter a chance to own the property they rent from me – at market prices and market interest rates. I already am set for life, why keep others in the balance?