Identifying Top Metro Areas Attractive to Baby Boomer Buyers

Metro areas with a lower cost of living and sunnier weather are poised to see an increased number of Baby Boomers moving in and buying a home as some delay retirement and remain participants on the labor market.

NAR analyzed current population trends, housing affordability, cost of living, housing inventory and job market conditions in the 100 largest metropolitan statistical areas across the U.S. to determine housing markets most likely to see a boost in sales from Baby Boomers. State taxes and the share of expenditures for Public Welfare, Hospitals, Health, Police Protection, Parks and Recreation at the state level for those areas were also considered.

The top markets positioned to see an influx of baby boomer homebuyers are as follows:

– Albuquerque, New Mexico

– Boise, Idaho

– Denver

– Fort Myers, Florida

– Greenville, South Carolina

– Orlando, Florida

– Phoenix

– Raleigh, North Carolina

– Sarasota, Florida

– Tucson, Arizona

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Click on the tabs to follow the story below. Hover over the map for a snapshot of each metro area’s share. The following charts show the housing and job market conditions for the 10 most attractive metro areas for Baby Boomers compared to the average for the 100 largest metro areas.

  1. I am surprised to see that neither Palm Springs, Rancho Mirage, or Palm Desert are made this list.

    Alex Dethier
    Palm Springs Real Estate

  2. Susan Thiel

    Interesting on the list the top 10 markets above, but yet Las Vegas wasn’t even on the list and they are at (9.09%) even though about half of the cities on the list are below in percentage..Something against Las Vegas?

  3. Carole R. Aust

    I am surprised Ocean City, NJ is not one. We are in a unique area for sales, beachfront sales and rentals.