REALTORS® Reported Strong Buyer Traffic in Most States in June 2015

In almost all states, REALTORS® reported strong buyer traffic in June 2015, according to the June 2015 REALTORS® Confidence Index Survey Report.

Seller traffic was reported to be broadly “moderate” to “strong” in states such as Utah, Texas, South Carolina, and Virginia. In the monthly survey, NAR asks REALTORS® to rate buyer and seller traffic conditions as “weak”, “moderate”, or “strong,” with the information then compiled into an index. An index greater than 50 indicates that more respondents viewed traffic as “strong” than those who viewed traffic as “weak.” The higher (lower) the index compared to 50, the stronger (weaker) the traffic conditions.

The supply gap is most severe in Colorado, Massachusetts, Nebraska, Washington, Ohio, Indiana, South Dakota, and Oregon. Supply was also reported as remaining tight in California, Florida, the District of Columbia, and Texas. Meanwhile, respondents reported improving inventory conditions in New York, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Virginia, Maryland, and Delaware.