REALTORS® Six-Month Home Price Outlook Strong

The maps show the six-month price outlook by state[1], as reported in July by REALTORS®: July 2015 REALTORS® Confidence Index Survey ReportThe outlook was most upbeat in states with growing technology sectors such as California, Washington, Oregon, and Massachusetts; states with shale/oil-related industries such as Texas, North Dakota, Montana, and Wyoming; and in states that are attracting new residents such as Colorado and Florida. Among all property types, the condominium market was the weakest, with REALTORS® reporting financing issues for both FHA-insured and the GSE-backed loans.[2]

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[1] States were categorized based on the REALTORS® Confidence Index for that state: less than 25 (“Very weak”); 26-29 (“Weak”); 50 (“Moderate”); 51-75 (“Strong”); 76 and over (“Very strong”).

[2] FHA and the GSEs have financing eligibility criteria relating to ownership occupancy requirements, delinquent dues, project approval process, and use for commercial space. See the Statement of NAR Submitted for the Record to the Senate Committee Housing and Banking Affairs on December 9, 2014 at