Home Search Process for Veterans and Active-Service Members

We know that veterans and active-service members are a unique buying demographic that made up 21 percent of all home buyers in 2015. We also learned this year that veterans move a median of 75 miles from the home they previously sold to their new home purchased, whereas that active-duty military most often purchase a home due to a job relocation. With this in mind, working with a real estate agent that knows the local area is that much more vital for this group of home buyers.

According to the 2016 Veterans and Active-Military Home Buyers and Sellers Profile, consistent with all buyers, veterans and active-service military first looked online for properties. Both veterans (17 percent) and active-service military (20 percent) contacted a real estate before doing anything else, more so than all buyers (14 percent). Veterans and active-service military also got their information from real estate agents more than any other source, compared to all buyers that frequently looked online in addition to working with an agent. Veterans were also slightly more likely to find the home they purchased directly from an agent at 38 percent, compared to 33 percent of all buyers. For veterans and active-service military alike, finding the right property was the most difficult step in the process.


Eighty-five percent of veterans and 86 percent of active service members purchased their home through a real estate agent. More so than all buyers, veterans wanted help from an agent to determine what comparable homes were selling for in the area and active-service members wanted help to learn more about the neighborhoods. Eighty-nine percent of veterans and 90 percent of active-service members were satisfied with the home buying process. Eighty-seven percent of veterans and 85 percent of active-service members would use their agent again or recommend their agent to others.