Halloween and Home Sellers in 2016

Home sellers decide to move for many reasons. Using the 2016 Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers, we can discover these reasons as well as some surprising reasons for selling a home.

  • Among all home sellers, 18 percent decided to sell their current home because it was too small.
  • The desire to move closer to friends and family was the deciding factor for 15 percent of home sellers.
  • Fourteen percent of sellers sold their home because of job relocation.
  • All at 10 percent, the neighborhood becoming less desirable, a change in family situation, and that the home is too large were all reasons for selling.
  • First-time sellers most often sold because their current home was too small (31 percent), for job relocation (13 percent), and because the neighborhood became less desirable (12 percent.
  • Repeat sellers sold to move closer to friends and family (18 percent), because their home is too large (14 percent), or for a job relocation (14 percent).


  • While not also the typical reason for selling, 28 percent of REALTOR® respondents have at least once had to sell a house or find a new home for a seller who was convinced that their house was haunted.



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