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Benefits of Working with a Real Estate Agent to Buy and Sell a Home

An overwhelming majority of recent home buyers this year worked with a real estate agent to purchase a home at 87 percent, according to the 2017 Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers. The top benefits that buyers listed of...
December 19, 2017

Homes Sell For More With A REALTOR® Than If You Sell Solo, Research Says

The numbers are in for 2016—selling your home with a REALTOR® could get you $60,000 more on your home sale. From the recently released 35th anniversary edition of the Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers report, homes sold with...
November 17, 2016

Selling Your Home Solo to Save Money? You’ll Actually Make Less Than You Think

Some homeowners opt to sell their residence without a real estate agent to get around paying a commission and make more of the profit. Forty-eight percent of people who sell without a real estate agent think that if they...
November 9, 2015